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Our Alaska Property Preservation services provides safeguard works on REO class properties that will secure and protect your interests. No matter whether you’re a private lender, bank, mortgage company or a real estate agent – you can have peace of mind knowing that we provide a quick and fast response time to immediately provide the security and protection you need.

Alaska Property Preservation Services


As a first line of defense, timely and accurate property inspections provide critical information about the condition and occupancy status of a property so that steps can be taken to secure and protect it. Through early detection when issues and damages occur, properties sustain fewer and less severe damages, saving money and protecting their condition and value. 

We offer a full range of inspections, including exterior occupancy checks, contact attempts with door hangers, and full interior inspections.


Once an inspection determines that a property is vacant,  we take steps to protect it. We will secure the property and perform a lock change according to investor or insurer guidelines. If the property is pre-foreclosure, the lock will be changed on a secondary door when possible. Post-foreclosure, all locks will be changed.  

During both pre and post-foreclosure securing, properties receive regular inspections to identify damages and debris. In cold climates, plumbing will be winterized. All results are documented with photos and written reports, then submitted to the client.


In Alaska’s cold climates, vacant properties are vulnerable to costly and serious damages from frozen and burst water lines. SSS Alaska winterizes all plumbing fixtures, inside and outside a home, including sinks and toilets, outdoor spigots, and dry, steam and radiant heat systems. 

SSS Alaska contractors drain all water lines and use air compressors to assure that all water is blown out of the lines. Contractors also drain hot water tanks and pressure-test the system for possible leaks. Toilets are cleaned and flushed, and antifreeze is added to bowls and tanks. Antifreeze is poured into sink drains and traps. Stickers are applied to all winterized fixtures noting the date of winterization, providing SSS Alaska contact information, and advising that the fixtures cannot function without a proper de-winterization. 

Whenever possible, utilities at a vacant property will be turned off. If a sump pump is present, electricity will remain on. All winterization services are supported with written and photo documentation and submitted to the client for review. 


Debris Removal

Interior and exterior debris that creates a potential health, safety or infestation risk, or that may result in a code violation, is routinely removed from properties, both pre- and post-foreclosure.  Once a property has gone through foreclosure, all debris inside and out, hazardous and non-hazardous will be removed. Interior debris is removed per investor guidelines, and exterior debris is taken to a licensed dumping facility. Personal items left in the property remain until clients provide specific instructions or a personal property eviction is ordered, generally once the property has moved through foreclosure.


Alaska Junk Removal

Convey Maintenance

When a property is scheduled to convey to HUD, a mortgage servicer has a tight window of time to assure that the property is in acceptable “convey condition.”  All required information must be in order and readily available to the mortgage company at their request. Contractors are sent to confirm and immediately report back on the vacancy status of the property; maintenance is scheduled; and all convey maintenance work orders must be submitted within 24 hours of completion and sent to the client.

Lawn Maintenance

  Whether a vacant property is in pre- or post-foreclosure status, it must be well-maintained. SSS Alaska follows FHA regulations, generally cutting grass every two weeks in season, usually beginning in April-May. Shrubs are trimmed once per season, and more frequently at the client’s request. All lawn maintenance is performed according to client instructions and investor guidelines. During lawn maintenance, properties are also checked to assure that they are secure. 

Snow Removal

 In the winter, removing snow accumulation is important to provide safe access to properties by maintenance crews, city inspectors, first responders, real estate agents and others who have legitimate business at a property. SSS Alaska maintains all walkways and driveways, per our client’s request and instruction, during the winter to assure safe access. Snow accumulation of three inches or higher is removed per investor guidelines, and surfaces are salted to prevent ice build-ups.